Network and Support Services

As todays business life becomes increasingly fast, the need to easily exchange data and information with your colleagues, customers and suppliers becomes ever more critical. Whether it is a Local Area Network, a Wide Area Network or an integrated Network Management System, the speed, reliability, security and accessibility of your system is crucial.
At Anderson Ross Associates we provide turnkey solutions for the design, installation and implementation of network solutions, which not only have guaranteed performance and security, but also have expansion capability build in to cope with increased demand as your business grows.

No matter how large or how small your business is, a business network will empower you to take advantage of the Internet, e-mail and information sharing within your company.

Business Network Components     [Top of page]

High quality networks / file servers

Windows operating system

Microsoft Outlook e-mail on Exchange server

Anti-virus protection

Individual e-mail addresses for users

Free Internal e-mail

External e-mail

Fire-wall protected Internet access

Dial-up connection to the Internet and e-mail service provider

Network infrastructure including hardware, cable and wall sockets

Network adapter cards for PCs (includes fitting and configuration)

Common and private data areas on file server

Daily Backup Procedure

The Turnkey Solution     [Top of page]

We install the cable infrastructure.

We install the network hardware.

We install and configure the server.

We install the desktop components on your PCs (*see note below).

We arrange the set up of your e-mail account with the service provider.

We provide training.

We provide ongoing support through our help desk and regular site visits.

*Note: the minimum specification for Network PCs is;
Pentium 90 processor or higher
Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 or NT 4.0
24Mb RAM (40Mb for Windows NT)
155Mb available disk space
CD-ROM drive

Infrastructure details     [Top of page]

Our Category 5E Data Cabling Solutions are installed by Approved cabling engineers and are fully warranted for a minimum of 15 years. For longer cable runs (up to 2Km) we use high quality fibre optics. All network hardware supplied by us comes with the manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

Multiple Office Locations     [Top of page]

If you have more than one office location, we can extend your network using BT ISDN or normal lines (depending on usage) to give your remote users exactly the same facilities as your main office.

Legacy Systems Integration     [Top of page]

We can provide a fully integrated solution that provides access to E-mail, The Internet, Office products and  your legacy systems; all from the same Windows based desktop.

The Benefits     [Top of page]

With our Structured Desktop Model you gain the benefits of a more productive office.

Store data on a common area of the server to allow your colleagues shared access.

Store data on your own private area on the server.

Exchange e-mail with your office colleagues, your customers and suppliers etc.

Browse the internet.

Create vital backup copies of data stored on the server.

What does it cost?     [Top of page]

Our solutions are designed to be affordable and we can even arrange a lease to help spread the cost.

Depending on specification and options, a Business Network from Anderson Ross Associates could be as little as 32 per week.

Note: Prices are subject to site survey. Leasing costs quoted are approximate and may fluctuate depending on interest rates.

Support Services

In the field of Local Area Network and PC Desktop support we can offer a range of support options tailored to meet your required service level. Quality of response and time taken to respond is consistent and in accordance with a Service Level Agreement.

The four service elements are:

 Incident Management

 Configuration Management

 Change Management

 Desktop Installation or Renewal

Incident Management     [Top of page]

Incident Management provides the end user with a single point of contact for dealing with faults, queries and other support incidents within the scope of the service. This service is provided by a Help Desk backed up by a second line support organisation.

Our help desk normal hours are from 8:00hrs to 17:00hrs Monday to Friday. The help desk will provide first line support in response to telephone, fax or email enquiries.

Configuration Management     [Top of page]

We can provide Configuration Management to maintain a reliable overview of the infrastructure elements for planning, maintaining and administering the LAN.

Change Management     [Top of page]

We can provide Change Management to maintain consistency with the standard configuration model and to roll out new releases of operating system and applications.

Desktop Installation or Renewal     [Top of page]

We can provide desktop installation or renewal services.












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